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Card Blistering Machine CBM 570 L

  • Card Blistering Machine CBM 570

    CBM 570 L

  • Linear Card Blistering Machine CBM 570L

    CBM 570L is High Speed Card blister machines are intermittent motion linear flow machine, capable of packing 100+ packets per minute. Product in PVC blisters sealed with card for various industries. The machine is equipped with Servo motors for Better accuracy & increased productivity. Robust machine design, PLC & HMI of best brand & Manufactured with GMP norms, makes this Card Blister packing machine simple & safe to operate

    Card Blisters are a protective solution for packaging your product. The clear plastic blister shape conforms to the product and provides full visibility of the package contents. This package style allows consumers to see exactly what they are purchasing. Blister cards are durable, easy to merchandise, tamperproof. An additional benefit of blister cards is that they offer lots of space to incorporate logos, graphics, and product information.

    Examples of products we blister card include retail healthcare items like pain relievers and antacids, cosmetics, health and beauty aids, and prescription medications. We also package small electronics and other consumer products
  • General working principle of the machine is as follows:

    • 1. PVC film roll of specific width and thickness according to layout of format parts of blister to be loaded at PVC loading station.
    • 2. PVC film will be pulled by Indexing Roller, Start and stop command to motor will be given by dancing arm at PVC draw station.
    • 3. PVC will travel through top and bottom heating platen at heating station. PVC will be heated to specified temperatures.
    • 4. Heated PVC then indexed forward to forming station. Blisters will be formed by compressed air in forming station. Dies for forming will be format parts.
    • 5. Formed blisters then forwarded to cutting station where they will cut by punching tool.
    • 6. Trim remained after cutting will be collected in trim winding station.
    • 7. Punched blisters will be picked and placed in sealing dies on sealing conveyor.
    • 8. Products to be filled in product magazine in specified orientation manually.
    • 9. Blisters placed on sealing dies will be filled at feeding station.
    • 10. Paper card to be filled in card magazines as per specified orientation.
    • 11. Filled blisters then move forward below card placing station. Card will placed on blisters by card placing arm.
    • 12. Blister, product and card will move forward to sealing station where card will be sealed with blister by applying heat.
    • 13. Sealed card will forward on sealing conveyor and at rotation point filled and sealed blisters will be dropped on output conveyor.
  • Applications:

    Few products which can be packed on this machine are,

    • 1. Tooth Brush
    • 2. Shaving Blades
    • 3. Cosmetic items
    • 4. Glue sticks
    • 5. Electrical Items
    • 6. Pouches, and many more articles.

    Major Features of our Card Blister Packing Machines are:

    • 1. Can Handle High Volume with Less manpower
    • 2. Large Format Area
    • 3. Auto feeders for various products possible
    • 4. User friendly operating of Blister machine through PLC & Touch Screen HMI
    • 5. Easy change over of format parts

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